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Carrie Shulman, MD

Minimally Invasive Neurosurgeon located in Largo, FL

About Dr. Carrie L. Shulman

Dr. Shulman is board certified by the Board of Neurological Surgeons as well as a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Dr. Shulman specializes in both minimally invasive cranial and spinal neurosurgery. Her comprehensive practice emphasizes brain aneurysms, stroke, tumors, spinal disorders and chronic pain.  Dr. Shulman also focuses on spinal motion preservation as well as spinal disc restoration and outpatient spine surgery.

Dr. Carrie L. Shulman graduated from Georgetown University‚Äôs Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service before she was commissioned in the United States Army in 1994. Dr. Shulman studied medicine at the Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, DC and completed her neurosurgical training at the premier military hospital in the United States, Walter Reed Medical Center, the National Capital Consortium. She was promoted to Chief Resident and became the first female Army graduate from the program.

Dr. Shulman served as an active duty neurosurgeon in the United States Army and was awarded several distinctions for her extraordinary service, dedication and care of her patients. During her military service she served as the Neurosurgical Director for Operation Iraqi Freedom and oversaw neurosurgery throughout the Theater of Operations.

Dr. Shulman is board certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgeons as well as a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. She specializes in minimally invasive brain and spine surgery.


Promise To My Patients

I care deeply about the well-being of my patients and have dedicated my career to minimally invasive neurosurgery.  I promise that I will utilize my years of experience, training and expertise to provide you with the most minimally invasive option that is right for you. I am fully committed to the mission of improving your life.

Military Service

As a veteran, I am extremely proud of my service in the United States Military. Serving in the US Army for 16 years presented some of the most gratifying and challenging moments of my career. I am so fortunate to have served with some of the most talented and dedicated medical professionals our nation has to offer.

I take great pride in continuing to help our service men and women and their families recover from their injuries through my civilian practice.

Learn more about my time in the US military