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Giving Back


Giving Back

Supporting our community is very important to us. Dr. Shulman serves on the Board of The Homeless Empowerment Program.

The Homeless Empowerment Program (HEP) is the only social-services agency of its kind in Florida, offering shelter care and supportive services for the entire homeless population. They offer housing and programs specifically designed for single men and women, families with children and US Veterans, including those with mental illness, physical disability and non-violent criminal history.

As a veteran, Dr. Shulman supports HEP’s mission to serve homeless vets. Nearly 1/3 of HEP’s population consists of the brave men and women who serve our country. Recognizing that this demographic of the homeless community requires specialized care, HEP works hand in hand with the Veterans Administration to provide an array of veteran-specific programs to lead them back to self-sufficiency. Veterans seek refuge in two apartment complexes on HEP’s campus: Fairburn Apartments for men, and HEP West Apartments for men and women. HEP also reserves bed-space in our other shelter offerings, especially for vets.

We encourage you to join us in supporting HEP. Please take a moment to discover the great work HEP does for our community and consider donating to this worthy cause.

Thank you!

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